Making Money Online


Digital Age

There's Multiple Ways To Produce Money and Cryptocurrency Online 


 You Can Invest Into Different Companies/Platforms To Make Money/Cryptocurrency Online 

Work From Home Tasks

 You Can Earn By Completing Surveys or Helping Online Chats 

Online Betting

There's Multiple Online Betting This Day and Age. Either Fiat Based or With Cryptocurrency.

If You Like To Try Make Money Gambling You Don't Need To Head To A Pub Or Casino Anymore You Can Do It Online, Either With Fiat or Cryptocurrency


You Can Make A Great Online Passive Income To Male Money With Either Fiat or Cryptocurrency By Buying And Selling Goods Or Services From Home Also. Supply And Demand Are Increasing Everyday As Our Population Grows, Therefore So Does The Use Of The Internet And Shopping From Home. Find A Niche That You Like, Buy A Small Portion Of Products In Bulk, Post Them, Sell Them And Then Buy Extra The Second Time Around. Its A Slow Start But It Will Eventually Pay Off. Never Bite Off More Then You Can Afford To Chew Though, This Could Slow Down The Whole Process Or Even Cause At Home Struggles. Baby Steps At The Start.

Good Hard Work

Still There's Nothing Compared To Actually Working Hard To Achieve Greatness, Even When Using Cryptocurrency, Investing/Trading Or Setting Up Masternodes Online.

Long Hours Are Needed To Be Put In To Actually Make A Significant Difference.

But It Definitely, Definitely Pays Off In The End.

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Needed Information

To Get Started

Contact Us For The Link To Our Software Provider

Purchase A VPS

(Virtual Private Server - Its Always Online)

Purchase The Software

Setup Your Broker Account

Can Be A Fiat Based Broker or A Broker That Allows Cryptocurrency Payments.

Set It Up

Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Help Required To Set The Software Up.

Each Persons Risk Level And Weekly Percentage Earnings Are Different. So Everyone's Settings Will Need To Be Adjusted For Each Individual.

Our Settings Are Very Conservative As We Would Rather Make A Small Profit Every Week Then To Take A Loss


Once All  The Above Is Done The Only Thing Needed To Do Is:

Start Of Trading Week Turn Auto Trading On

Turn Auto Trading Off/On For News Events To Limit The Amount Of DD (DrawDown) You Could See

If You Reach Your Target Percentage Goal For The Week Awesome, If Not When The End Of The Week Is Approaching You Will Need To Turn Auto Trading Off, Then Slowly Close Out Your Open Trades Bit By Bit To Make The Most Profit You Can And Minimise Your Losses

Want To Learn More?

If You Want More Info Please Contact Us

Passive Income With Masternodes


For a while now I've been setting up, running and hosting my own masternodes.

Masternodes are another option to generate a PASSIVE INCOME online and with cryptocurrency.

The easiest way to explain a masternode to a beginner is:

Its like a eftpos terminal;

You hold a certain amount of collateral of Said Coin.

Person A sends Said Coins to Person B.

This transaction is verified on the blockchain via a masternode by paying a transaction fee.

The person hosting the masternode is rewarded/paid for verifying the transaction.

I have setup many masternodes for friends, family and others as well.

If running a masternode is something you would like to do, please feel free to reach out and I would be more then happy to discuss how to get started or even better assist you in completely setting one or multiple up for you.

Happy Earnings - Passive Income All The Way

cryptocurrency, alt coins, masternodes, passive income, work from home,

cryptocurrency, alt coins, masternodes, passive income, work from home, 

Passive Income Short Course


To Start Making A Full Time Passive Income You Need To First Learn The Basic Rules And Fundamentals Of Investing.

In Order To Learn Correctly Having Someone To Guide You Or Mentor You As Such Is An Ideal Opportunity To Start Off On The Right Foot.


Diversity Is Another Main Factor In The Learning Process. Without Diversity There Is Way Too Much Risk Involved With Investing. The More You Invest The Lower Amount Of Risk You Want To Take. 


To Start Earning A Full Time Passive Income Online Is Difficult At The Beginning. But Creating A Plan Or Goals Is Essential To Achieve This Outcome. Also Having Someone There Guiding You And Making Sure You Stick To Your Goals Is Also A Great Help Along Your Investing Into A Full Time Passive Income Journey.

Well In Saying That If You Would Be Interested In Learning More Or Taking A Passive Income Short Course, Please Use The Below Message Box And Get In Contact, Or Click The Below Button (To Get In Touch) And Head To Our "Follow Us On" Page To Choose Your Preferred Method Of Contact.

Once Submitted To The Course,

We Will Give You An Insight As To How We Make A Passive Income, 

Help You To Set Some Short Term and Long Term Goals,

Point In The Right Direction To Get Started, 

Ensuring Your Sticking To Your Plan,

Have A Monthly Check Up To See How Your Going In Obtaining Your First Goal,

Plus If You Need/Want To Chat Feel Free To Message At Any Time And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As I Can.

Thank You Everyone, Happy Profitable Investing To Everyone