🌏Nexus Global🌏

investing, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, passive income, residual earning, financial freedom


Multinational, Multilevel, Marketing Company that has the fastest growth rate for 2019.
The companies focus is investing within the crypto currency community.
With this company you have the ability to create multiple income streams including but not limited to;

🔘Bitcoin Mining
🔘Forex trading
🔘Ico opportunities
🔘Direct commissions
🔘Binary commissions
🔘Unilevel Commissions

With plans to release in the near future:
🔘Crypto currency Casino
🔘Multi Exchange
🔘Live Betting
🔘NEXUS debit credit card
🔘Gold through Bitcoin
🔘Special funnel system

With full training and an amazing network of people ready to help, this company offers the opportunity to create a way of life everyone dreams about.
Don’t look back in 2 years time wishing you took the opportunity to join today!!

Last Withdrawal:

24th October 2019

💻My Passive Trades💻



📊Earn Up To 1.25% Daily From Trading Packages
Shares Expire At 125% ROI

Trading Packs:
Start With As Many Or Less Packs You Wish:
Minimum Invest: $5USD Bitcoin Per Pack
Minimum Withdrawal: $10

📈Learn To Trade Like A Pro📉

👥Referral Program:
Trading Plans
Level 1 - 8%
Level 2 - 3%

Trading School Commissions:
Start At 50%

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Last Withdrawal:

19th October 2019


investing, cryptocurrency, financial freedom, passive income.


  1. Trading Packages
    You make 0.66% on your investment per day on your purchased packages for 365 days. After your package expires you get your original balance back plus all profits earned. Each package is $40USD of Bitcoin.
  2. Personal Referrals
    You make 10% on all referral packages purchased as a free member and 20% if you have upgraded and have at least one Trading Package
  3. Forced Matrix
    Team building 3x12 forced matrix plan that pays 1% and 5% on alternative levels
  4. Global Bonus Pool
    2% of all Global Sales will be split into shares. Each member can earn unlimited number of shares. To earn a share you need to be upgraded and for every 5 upgraded members per month you refer you earn 1 share in the Global Pool



Last Withdrawal:

6th July 2019




Based Off Arbitrage Trading

You Can Earn From Multiple Sources Of Investment

Abot(automatic arbitrage trading)

Mbot(manual arbitrage trading)

Holding ARB In The Vault

Hodling ARB Tokens

Last Withdrawal:

25th August 2019

Changes Are Being Made And APEX Tokens Being Used

Will Update Soon As The APEX to ETH Instant Exchange Works And More Ethereum Withdrawals Are Completed!!